I watched Selma yesterday and was totally blown away. Here we have Dr Martin Luther King who led the civil rights movement, for 13 years giving African Americans among many things, the right to vote – a basic human right. His story was one of a man who feared God and used his head and hands to do what the bible tells us to.
I couldn’t help but draw parallels between this long walk to freedom and the story of the Israelites’ exodus out of Egypt. Both bargained with a powerful leader for freedom. Both were denied many times. And when the going got really tough, both saw bloodshed and endured intensified brutality. They both led a people who stood behind them and the dream they had. Sometimes the people grumbled and they came close to giving up. Both had strong wives who played a key role in driving the mission at hand…Eventually both were led to freedom and overcame.

Martin Luther King was murdered aged 39, by which time he had won a Nobel Peace Prize and achieved things which altered the course of American history for generations to come. I’m 30 eek!
For me, this is NOT ALL about colour but also what man can achieve when he trusts in God completely, selflessly gives of himself and works incredibly hard with both his hands AND head. Too often as Christians, we stop using our heads. I for one am guilty of this.
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’
Dr Martin Luther King

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